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Winterizing, Sleeping Around, Dig it with Kids

As winter approaches, we want to get our outdoor spaces and home ready for the cold and wet. Cynthia Brian offers tips on winterization. Don’t forget to test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, clean out gutters, replace furnace filters, stack the firewood, and have plenty of hot chocolate fixings ready for those long, dark nights in front of a blazing fireplace!

From dives of danger to flights of fright, author of Sleeping Around…Challenging My Comfort Zone, Mary L. Peachin, is no shrinking violet. “I like to live each day to the fullest” says the self-proclaimed adrenalin junkie. Mary will discuss her global adventures including encounters with saltwater crocs, bears, and sharks. Get your heart pumping.

Watching the wide-eyed wonder of children during the holidays is an additional dividend of the magical season of Christmas. This is a great time to spark children’s enthusiasm for gardening. The rewards go far beyond reaping a harvest of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Not only do kids get to dig in the dirt, it’s a plus if they get dirty.

Bio: Mary Peachin

Mary Peachin has slept her way around the world on everything from cots outside beach palapas to mountain huts, sleeping bags, bunk beds, wilderness cabins, dive boats, and sleazy motels. While doing so, she has experienced unique adventures in remote global destinations—overcoming fears, threats to her comfort zone, and even stark terror.

Some of these include unexpected shark encounters, caring for a Gila monster and Solomon boa constrictor, scuba diving with sharks, venomous banded sea kraits, and colliding with a salt water crocodile in an underwater cave. Mary has snorkeled with whale sharks and humpbacks, and observed tiny muck critters. She has been charged by an elephant, a rhinoceros, and a shark, stung by a deadly box jelly, and stepped on a rattlesnake. Jumping out of an airplane and bungee jumping are only a few of her adrenaline rushes.

Challenges include overcoming her fear of learning to scuba dive and taking her first solo airplane flight. Mary bicycled from the Grand Canyon to Nogales, five hundred miles, not knowing how to shift the gears of her bike. Not satisfied with her performance, she returned the following year to prove her mettle. There were emergency landings in her Cessna T-210, getting lost in the Rockies, having her brakes catch on fire in Mexico.

Mary has traveled to all seven continents, but not on a cruise ship. This book is neither a travelogue nor a guidebook. Sleeping Around is an inspirational biography of a unique woman, one who has led an extraordinary life.

A wife of 55 years, mother of two, and the granddaughter of an Arizona pioneer family, she has given her time back to her Tucson community by raising millions of dollars for worthwhile projects.

This book may read like fiction, but it is real—an incredible story that you won’t want to miss. Dozens of colored photographs will draw you into each adventure. Sleeping Around is a page-turner for teens to seniors, anglers, scuba divers, bicycle riders, armchair travelers, fellow adrenaline junkies.

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