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Gardening with The Goddess Gardener 
Coaching & consultations in person or via phone, SKYPE, and ZOOM. 

Cynthia Brian Welcomes You to Her Garden

"You embody the goodness and kindness that we need so much in the world right now. You are a great gardening inspiration." Teresa Watkins, Garden Expert, Better Lawns and Gardens  

“Wonderful information presented in a delightful and entertaining way. She shares many tried and true family secrets that work! Amazing!” Megan Leuteneker, Gardener

"Whether you are a hands on gardener looking for a little advice or a newbie needing a consultation, I am your gardening coach. Join me for a garden party where failure is fertilizer! Put your mistakes on the compost pile to grow a new garden." Cynthia Brian 

Watch Cynthia Brian talking about Gardening


"Nature is our Cathedral" film by Cynthia Brian

A Bit of Cynthia's History

Having been born and raised on a farm, listening to the earth and understanding the seasons has always been an essential part of my essence. I remember how we all anticipated the spring…the smell of the blossoms, the freshly tilled earth, and a promise of another year of rebirth.


Most of my life lessons have happened in a garden. It’s where I get my ideas, lose track of time, and just “be”.  My private therapy involves spading the soil, pulling weeds, pruning roses, watching the birds, listening to the wind, shooting photos, and enjoying the secrets Mother Nature whispers. Gardening humbles and empowers me to grow plants and people.


There are no mistakes. Failure is fertilizer.


Gardening is about conservation, sustainability, and the circle of life. Nothing is wasted in my world. Everything either goes into the compost pile or feeds my barnyard of adopted animals including ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, chickens, birds, and a pot belly pig.  I have raised chickens since I was eight years old. By selling the eggs I earned enough money to finance my college education. Today my organic farm fresh eggs keep satisfied customers healthy and happy while the hens enrich my soil with their roaming.


A day without gardening is a day without breathing.  I invite you to discover the wonder, mystery, and beauty of our natural enrvironment.

I am available for hire as a gardening consultant, lecturer, or writer. Let me help you create your garden dreams or add more beauty to your existing landscape.


Happy gardening. Happy growing.


Dig deeply.

Cynthia Brian, The Goddess Gardener

Passion, Purpose, & Possibility Producer

Empowerment Architect
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