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Coaching and Consultations with Cynthia Brian 
Acting, Media, Writing, Speaking, Lifestyle, Nature, and Success
Coaching & consultations via phone, SKYPE, and ZOOM.

“I am so thankful for all of your encouragement, positive energy, and opportunities you have given me. I do not know where I would be without the help of Express Yourself! and Be the Star you Are! So, thank you so much for everything!!  Maria Wong


It's all thanks to you that we teens have this amazing opportunity to express ourselves, both through radio and books! Joven Hundal

"Working with Cynthia Brian for Be the Star You Are has been one of the best opportunities and decisions of my life." Katie Choo

"Thank you so, so much. I'm incredibly grateful for everything you've done for me over these four years, and I can't even adequately express my appreciation." Brigitte Jia

You have provided so much guidance in my life, especially in my younger years when I needed encouragement and confidence. You always told me I could do it! Thank you for everything Cynthia!!!" Katelyn Darrow

"Ruhani is blessed to have such an amazing mentor like you. Can’t thank you enough for your persistent help and guidance. You are just amazing!" Cipa Chhabra 

"Your acting classes are fun but even more importantly give kids confidence and self esteem at an early age. Coaching pays off, especially for public speaking." Nora A.

"The TEDx talk went GREAT!  My radio training DEFINITELY helped, I felt really confident speaking. " Julia Howe

Cynthia Brian's Coaching

Available as an acting, media, writing, speaking, lifestyle, nature, and success mentor.

Cynthia Brian is your personal "Guide on the Side!" 

Fees by the hour or project.

"You have a wonderful gift of making people feel affirmed and accepted. Your intuitive skills project real value and worth. Your coaching is refreshing, exhilerating, encouraging, and vision casting. Thank you for your enthusiastic share!" Greg Nelson

For Detailed Coaching Services visit:


Client Praise:

"Unbelievable training."

"You share so generously."

"Couldn't have done this without you."

"Enthusiastic vision casting."

"Thanks for sharing your gifts."

"Thee is NO ONE like Cynthia Brian."

"YOU ROCK! And now I do too!"

"Cyn-santional Cynthia."

"I can't thank you enough for your help!"

Listen to interview with Cynthia about mentoring.

"Cynthia, you are serving our world in such an incredible way, helping young people to express themselves in positive and healthy ways, not to mention helping all of us to "Be the Stars we Are!"  It is such a gift to know and work with you," Dr. Don Martin, Founder and CEO,  Grad School Road Map

"You're the best...your guidance and wisdom reigns supreme!" E. G.

"You are amazing and create so many opportunities and projects." Sandy Robertson, RN, Author

You are talented, kind, generous, active and so involved especially with those who need your help and guidance. Your boundless energy in this town is awe-inspiring"  Larry Tessler, SCORE

Coaching with Cynthia Brian
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Passion, Purpose, & Possibility Producer

Empowerment Architect
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