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Cynthia Brian's Award-Winning Gardening Articles

"We really, really appreciate your gardening notes.......keep up the great it!"

Darlene and John Hafner

"Your column is invaluable.”  

Sally Jamison

'What great writing you do! How do you keep all these Latin names of flowers and plants memorized with the thousand other activities you do? May you always have the energy and brain power to share with others." Sal Captain, Wine Maker CEO

Journalism Award for LW.jpg

"What a  beautiful column. Your first sentence was exquisite. Please keep writing. Your prose is so evocative and should be read more widely. Thank you for your beautiful words!" John Windle,, John Windle Antiquarian Bookseller

“Of all the paths you take, make sure that some of them are dirt!”  John Muir

Cynthia Brian-Azalea
Vegetables from the Garden
Cynthia Brian with her adopted  barnyard
Hen with Chicks
Cynthia Brian-Firecracker Plant
Cynthia's Poppa Gander with Babies
Cynthia Brian-Jacobinia
Garden Writer, Cynthia Brian
Cynthia Brian' Goats
Fresh Radishes
Cynthia Brian-Wisteria
Prayer Plant
Cascading Pelargaonium
Cynthia Brian-alstromeria
Variegated Aeonium
Squiggly Squirrel Release
Cynthia Brian-Flax
Snake on Porch
Top Soil
Cynthia Brian-Orchids
Pumpkins in the Hay
Tom Turkey Fanned Tail
Cynthia Brian-Lilacs
Water Wise Founatin
Cynthia Brian Garden Gate
Red Xmas Cactus
Ruby Chard
Cynthia Brian-Rose Garden
Colorful Zinnias
Antique Wine Press
Cynthia Brian-Vineyard Heritage
Prepping Vegetable Beds with Drip
Yellow Asiatic Lilies
Cynthia Brian- Sissinghurst

"I really enjoyed reading your "Digging Deep" piece which I read over coffee this morning.  You are so talented and creative! I'm going to hang this with my gardening supplies as the tips are so helpful; short and sweet!” Cheryl Emmolo, Forman Vineyards and Emmolo Wines

"Thanks for your continued and fantastic writing!" Jennifer Wake, Editor, Lamorinda Weekly

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with all who are lucky enough to read what you offer. Your photos are breathtaking." Toris Jaeger, Naturalist

2020 Garden Comm Award Silver Logo.jpg

Congratulations to you for your wonderful award with International recognition! You do so much and do it so well, I'm not surprised that you continue to receive awards.Again - congratulations! Kathe Nelson, Executive Director, Moraga  Chamber of Commerce

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Passion, Purpose, & Possibility Producer

Empowerment Architect
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