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Books by Cynthia Brian 

"It has been said that all of us are stories waiting to be told. Cynthia Brian tells glorious stories from her own life, along with useful exercises helping the reader understand that their story is also glorious." Richard Nelson Bolles

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Books by Cynthia Brian -
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Cynthia Brian has contributed to numerous anthologies and other books. She is also a freelance writer and available for your needs. Contact Cynthia@CynthiaBrian.com for rates and availability. View published articles. Find out more about Cynthia and

her books at Waterside Press, The Authors Guild, or Hometown Reads. Cynthia Spotlight. Check back often!




AVAILABLE NOW: Growing with The Goddess Gardener,

Book I in the Garden Shorts Series













AVAILABLE NOW : Be the Star You Are! Millennials 

to Boomers Celebrating Gifts of Positive Voices in a

Changing DigitalWorld, a book written by millennials and

boomers to help each other navigate through this evolving

technological world. Discover true, real, raw stories on

triumph, failure, courage, and love (+more!) as these young

and older changemakers share powerful life lessons.

100% of profits benefit Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity

Read more about this book.

"Everyone agrees how the compilation is perfect for all

ages (millennials to boomers, of course!). I feel very lucky

to have contributed, so thank you again for the opportunity

to be a published author!"

Katelyn Darrow, Multimedia Journalist


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Life began in the garden. A garden is where nature and nurture converge, a calming oasis where we can listen to the call of the wild and sometimes tame the shrew. Whether you consider yourself a brown thumb or a green thumb, Growing with The Goddess Gardener, will enchant, inspire, and motivate you to get up off the couch, power down your gadgets, and go outside to smell the roses.  Read more!

DIRECT PRICING with extras

Print: Black/white interior ISBN:978-1-945949-59-3 



Print: Color Interior ISBN: 978-1-945949-96-8  $19.99

Ebook on Amazon: ISBN:978-1-945949-60-9 $9.95

Plus shipping/tax for printed copies. Autograph available with all direct sales from ON-LINE STORE. 

25% benefits literacy charity, Be the Star You Are!® 

Email for speaking, interviews, or sales.

BTSYA Millennials to Boomers

Print: ISBN:9761947637917  $15.95​

Ebook at Amazon:978-1-939116-05-5 

100% benefits BTSYA 501 c3

Be the star You Are!