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The Wisdom and Power of Teenage Girls

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants”

― Coco Chanel


What are the pressures society puts upon teenage girls? Teen hosts Julia and Keerthi have a lively discussion about their struggles and experiences with peers, parents, and social media encounters, including posts of unrealistic body images and beauty standards. They then converse with guest author, Chelsey Goodan, with her book, Underestimated. It is obvious that Chelsey honors teen girls and really listens and cares about their challenges and concerns. Chelsea is nonjudgmental adult who teenage girls trust to share their innermost secrets and doubts — all the things they wish they could communicate to their parents and the world at large. She uniquely understands what makes teenage girls tick, and through this book, Goodan passes the mic to them. Rather than dismissing teenage girls based on fears or treating them as problems that need to be solved, Goodan encourages us as parents, and as a society, to help teenage girls unleash their power and celebrate their intrinsic wisdom, creating more healing and connection for everyone. With her vivacious personality, Chelsea conveys love and understanding while encouraging listeners to listen and engage with teens.


On today’s segment of “Space Spotlight”, reporter Saanvi celebrates the pioneering women in space history and the inspiring lessons they've imparted to generations of young dreamers, especially the teenage girls who look up at the night sky and see a canvas of endless possibilities. She starts with Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to orbit our planet. Then showcases Sally Ride's achievements and efforts in STEM education, followed by other young female space groundbreakers including Mae Jemison, Christina Koch, Katherine Johnson, and Peggy Whitson. The courage of these women encourages young women to aspire to leadership roles in their careers.


Teen girls are wise and powerful. Look no further than our Be the Star You Are!® amazing teen girls and our Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio hosts and reporters.

Teen girls rock!!!



Bio: Chelsey Goodan has been an academic tutor and mentor for sixteen years, with a particular emphasis on the empowerment of teenage girls. She speaks regularly to audiences about gender justice, conducts workshops, and coaches parents on how to better understand and connect with their daughters. She is the mentorship director of DemocraShe, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring and empowering female-identifying high school students to become future elected leaders and founder of The Activist Cartel, where she guided an influential, nationwide subscriber base to take political and social action for gender and racial equity. As an activist, she advises public figures, galvanizes volunteers, and organizes large-scale events for national nonprofits, while also serving on the board of A Call to Men, which is working to end gender-based violence. Her passion to explore humanity’s potential for authenticity, liberation, and empowerment permeates all her work. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Chelsey lives in Los Angeles.; X:; Gallery books:



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