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Monopole and Our Future world

Bailey Barnard and Monopole

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

When you shut your eyes and ponder the future of our globe, what does it look like? Hosts Joven Hundal and Katie Choo investigate technology and trends that seem like science fiction today but could be reality tomorrow. Author of Monople, Bailey Stone Barnard, explores this theme metaphorically in the novel through the hero's persistence in building his machine, a monopolopic inductor able to send matter through space and time. He also explores the idea of being unable to hold onto life’s perfect moments while immersed in them, and the artist’s constant battle to balance contentment with fulfillment. If nothing else, writing the novel has taught the author to pick his battles carefully, so as not to let life’s perfect moments disappear. Brigitte Jia shares art attack with a look at the future of art.

BIO: The poet needs only what the poet dreams…at least that’s what the author has been telling himself. Bailey Stone Barnard has been telling stories in his head all his life and eventually he started writing them down. He has written passionately his entire adult life, authoring dozens of short stories, two novellas, three short plays in verse, and hundreds of poems, in addition to the novel Monopole.

Since 2007, Bailey has been a staff editor and social media manager at the luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report in Los Angeles, where he is now editor of its website.

Bailey's areas of expertise are technology and transportation—which he applied very directly to creating the future world within Monopole—with interests that include physics, engineering, politics, psychology, and music. Writing is his only true passion.

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