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 Mobility and Teen Driving

Are teenagers driving? What is their perspective about getting their driver’s license. Ruhani hosts this show about mobility for young people. In the first segment, Kevin Choo brings us a fascinating segment of A.I. and IS discussing how A.I. is a part of why Gen Z won’t get driver’s licenses and how they plan to get around instead. The current, most prominent generation, also called Gen Z, was born when the Internet and technology like iPhones and A.I. were very widespread. Many teens are quite unconfident and unable to trust themselves to get it right. Being put into a position of power and control, like the driver of a car, and being given the duty of making sure nothing goes wrong is the most terrifying thing for them. Enter self-driving cars and their six levels! A.I. is an amazing supplementary tool for many means of transport. In segment two, Ruhani provides startling statistics about young drivers such as

1. Teenagers are responsible for 500,000 car crashes in the US annually.


2. In 2019, 52% of fatal motor vehicle crashes that included teens occurred on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.(CDC)

3. More than 40% of fatal crashes involving teens occurred between 9 pm and 6 am in 2019. (CDC)

4. For 16-19-year-olds, the fatal crash risk per mile driven is three times higher than drivers aged 20+. (CDC)

5. In 2019, almost a quarter of drivers 15–20 who lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents had been drinking. (CDC)

When it comes to teens and their phone addiction, teen driver accidents surveys find that over 55% of them can’t seem to shake it while driving and admit to talking on the phone while being behind the wheel. The minimum amount of attention a driver needs to text is five seconds, which is the same as driving past a whole football field with your eyes off the road.

In the final segment, Ruhani, reads her original poetry. One is about driving past old sights and feeling nostalgia. A second poem was written on her recent 17th birthday, reflecting her dramatic side. The third poem is called The Fallen Tree about existence. She also wrote a special poem for her best friend to express gratitude for their friendship. Her final perfect poem is titled Yellow. Tune in to Express Yourself!™ to listen to this beautiful and informative program!

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