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Kindergarten Kindness

No one likes a bully. Not even in the animal kingdom. That is the main message of my newest book, No Barnyard Bullies, the first book in the children’s book series, Stella Bella’s Barnyard Adventures. Published in October, this book with a message of kindness and inclusivity is endearing itself to everyone who buys a copy. With glorious, colorful, yet life-like illustrations by Jensen Russell, both children and adults are mesmerized. The Be the Star You Are!® Kindness Coordinator, Karen Kitchel, was one of the first to buy copies for the entire kindergarten class where she volunteers in Minnesota. Here’s what she wrote to me after delivering the books to these darling kindergarteners. Hi Cynthia, I had the greatest time today reading your book to kindergarteners and then giving them their own book to take home and share with their family. The first comment I heard was “I love this book!” So I began by telling them about my friend, Cynthia who lives in California and who loves animals. I told them you were an author and asked what an author does. First response was “they make books.” The lesson about being kind was easy for these little students to understand. They very much enjoyed hearing about Cookie, the piglet, and how she learned to be kind to her farm friends. We talked about what it feels like to be around a bully and what we can do in that situation. They absolutely loved the story and really paid attention. I was so pleased that the teacher planned the morning around the book. After I gave each student their very own book, I received a lot of hugs for doing so. We moved to our next project which was – what did you learn from the book? Then each member of the class drew a picture of what they learned from the book. Amazing to see how these kids translated this story about animals to things they can do to be kind every day. Cynthia, I hope you realize that what you did was such a wonderful lesson! Thanks again for creating this opportunity! Much love, Karen Kitchel When I received this email, along with these fantastic photos, I cried and my heart sang. There is nothing better than making other people happy, and the best is seeing the joy on children’s faces as they are inspired to be the best versions of themselves. My deepest gratitude to Karen Kitchel for this great gift of kindness to her students. Make sure to read her Scattering Kindness blog. Another BIG THANK YOU goes out to Margi Sullivan for hosting a No Barnyard Bullies event at her beautiful art gallery, Point Richmond Gallery, in Richmond, California. Throughout the afternoon families arrived at the gallery where I read No Barnyard Bullies to an enraptured audience of kids, followed by showing them videos and photos of the real characters from the book. The children shared their stories about their animals, school, friends, and bullies. Adults were treated to wine and champagne! Margi’s art project included the children getting their body outlined on paper so that they could color it. Listening to the children discuss how they are kind and caring was deliciously sweet and very informative. There is hope for the future of the world with children who care, share, and are fair. I am so appreciative to Margi Sullivan for hosting this important and fun learning activity. We will be collaborating to offer more empowering events, readings, storytelling, and book signings. Make sure to visit her gallery located at 145 W. Richmond Avenue, 94801 when you are visiting the charming town of Point Richmond on the San Francisco Bay. Thank you, Margi. DO YOU WANT TO HOST AN EVENT OR PURCHASE BOOKS IN BULK? If you, your company, or business would like to host an event or buy books in bulk to donate to schools, organizations, or other venues for children, please shoot me an email at Discounted prices are available for bulk buying. People who have bought autographed copies of No Barnyard Bullies are enthusiasticabout the message and indicate that these books make the perfect holiday present. “Dear. Cynthia, Thank you so much. I think your book is one of the most inspired ideas I’ve had for Christmas.” Nora A. “I can’t wait to share it with the grands and impart your book’s wonderful wisdom and very important message.” Sharon R. “Love, love, love the book! You’ve found and created your star dust! Rave reviews from everyone who has read it!” Eileen G. “I love the colors. The story is charming and Jensen did a great job with the illustrations.” Kenneth K “Oh my goodness Cynthia, signed copy, delivered with goodies galore. Very grateful” Louise D. “All I can say is WOW! What a gift!” Gayle G. “Your book is wonderful & I love ❤️ it!” Susan C. “I’ll be ordering more books too!” Janet W. For individual autographed copies with extras included, go to Tell your friends about No Barnyard Bullies. and also, make sure to check out the gorgeous NFTS with characters from the book. By purchasing an NFT, you become a part of the StarStyle® Community that is making a difference in the world. You also are invited to exclusive experiences. Check it out. Proceeds from the book and NFTS benefit Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity empowering women, families, and youth. Together we can grow kindness and inclusivity while making children smile with this very special book! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Giving! THANK YOU ALL! Thank you for reading StarStyle® Empowerment . This post is public so feel free to share it. Share

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