Indie Publishers Share Tips to Weather the Coronavirus

It is during these difficult times that we are grateful to be part of a community. The Independent Book Publishers Association reached out to publishers to see how they were dealing with this Covid-19 pandemic. Cynthia Brian was one of the publishers who contributed to the discussion. You can read everyone's feedback here:

Here's what Cynthia Brian had to say:

“As of today, six counties in Northern California are on mandated lock-down, shelter-in-place directives to keep us safe. I don’t have employees, but every in-person commitment has been canceled or postponed. Yesterday, the Moraga Faire was postponed where we do book signings.

My advice is to be compliant with all government mandates, do promotions on line, and most of all, hunker down and enjoy the time. Turn the isolation into a staycation of a sort, making health a priority. Stay home, celebrate being alive, and be creative. Read books, write books, listen, rest, paint, play, plant, learn, and dance through the darkness.

“This pandemic is worse than we all believe. I just listened to a webinar hosted by UCLA researchers and medical professionals which was incredibly informative to help employers and executives make informed decisions. Anyone can find this information for free at

“I also recently posted about the issues we’re facing in my newsletter here. This too shall pass, but we have to be diligent and work together.”

— Cynthia Brian, author publisher and Founder of non-profit Be the Star You Are!

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