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In Person Schooling, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthy Cooking

Students are back in school…in person. And it’s challenging and exhausting. Ruhani Chhabra hosts a program with back-in-school teens. In Teenship, she talks about the importance of mental health, getting enough sleep, and finding something that allows you to express yourself! Ruhani has found Express Yourself! Teen Radio as her megaphone! Our guest is a high school senior, Aprille J. Xi who has written a very fascinating book, A High Schooler’s Journal on Artificial Intelligence. In the book, Aprille discusses the background behind the importance of face-to-face communication and how emotions and ethics tie into Artificial Intelligence. Our newest reporter, Rose Sarner joins the conversation with her segment Bite Share, with a goal to educate listeners

about urban food policy, nutrition, and food access in our world today. Since the pandemic she has been cooking daily for her family, sourcing fresh ingredients from the Farmer’s Market, and creating unique and delicious dishes.

Bio: April J. Xi

Aprille J. Xi is the author of the book A High Schooler's Journal on Artificial Intelligence: Facial Emotional Recognition and Convolutional Neural Networks and is a current senior. Through learning about the topic from a professor at Apple Pi Inc. as well as independent research, Aprille wrote the book in order to help other high schoolers or younger students understand what she learned. She is also the founder of a local volunteer-based tutoring camp, STEM Camp for Children, and has been teaching kids literature and STEM since 7th grade. In her free time, she loves to draw and write short stories, and is incredibly interested in ways to educate different groups of people. Her favorite food in the entire world is her grandma’s cooking, made with the vegetables grown by her grandpa.

Bio: Rose Sarner

Rose Sarner is a Junior in high school at the Archer School for Girls who enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and hanging out with her friends. Her radio show sheds light on the pressing issues of urban food policy, nutrition, and the importance of food access in our world today. Rose is eager to share her knowledge, create an impact, and provide the tools and resources to enhance people's lives in the community. Her segment on Express Yourself!® Teen Radio is called “Bite Share” and she is anxious to provide tips on how everyone can have access to and eat healthy, nutritious meals.


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