History of Voting, Covid Symptoms, Winter Organizing

As an American citizen, each individual age 18 and above has the right to vote. Every vote counts and voting matters. We’ll discuss the history of voting and how to make your voice heard. Whatever your beliefs, please vote for the people, policies, and programs that will empower our citizens and country to live freely in a democratic (not autocratic) society.

The symptoms of Covid 19 as the virus has mutated. As winter approaches, flu season flourishes. The viruses can be confusing and harsh. Get vaccinated against both. Although the vaccine does not guarantee that you won’t become ill, it will be less serious.

Are you feeling overwhelmed as the holidays approach and your house is still overflowing with summer stuff? Fall is a great time to de-stress and get organized before winter. Simple tips to help you sort through the piles and clean up your act!





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