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High Society

This shoot on the long-running TV series, Nash Bridges, was really fun. We shot on Treasure Island, the island off of the Bay Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco.

After the wardrobe department and hair and make-up were finished with me, I was introduced to my TV husband. The tall, buff gentleman came up to me with his outstretched hand and said, " I'm your husband on this shoot. I'm stone cold Steve Austin." "I responded, "Hi! I'm your wife on this shoot. I'm hot rocks Cynthia Brian." A production assistant overheard the exchange and came over to me. She whispered in my ear, "He really is Stone Cold. He's a famous professional wrestler." Not having ever watched TV wrestling, I had no clue. Steve and I had a few good laughs about this.

My brother and sister-in-law recently watched this episode called High Society in which we play a very wealthy oil-baron couple from Texas, complete with accents.

Great memories, great shoot. And as a SAG member, I'm still receiving residuals. Love it!

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