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Halloween and Tituba, The Intentional Witch of Salem

Tituba, Salem Witch

Halloween is going to be very different during Covid-19. Host Arjin Claire talks with teen reporters Maggie Campione and Nihal Gill to find out what plans they have to celebrate in a safe, yet fun environment. They discuss costumes, candy, alternative ways to trick or treat, and offer historical background to the Halloween holidays. Author of Tituba, The Intentional Witch of Salem, Dave Tamanini, provides the backstory of the tragic 1692 Salem Witch Trials while adding a bit of magic and intrigue to his historical fantasy novel. Tituba, winner of the 2020 Afro American Historical and Genealogical Society Fiction book award is about power, race, and morality. The villagers see witches and demons everywhere. Their ministers say the Devil has sent them to steal souls. With Dave’s guidance, we revisit Salem’s witch hunts in a provocative new retelling, just in time for a devilish, scary Halloween.

Bio: Dave Tamanini

Dave Tamanini lives in Pennsylvania. His life experiences, combined with a desire to entertain, shape his writing. As a former civil rights investigator, and an attorney for 30 years, he learned a lot about human strength, frailty… and hypocrisy.

Social issues and the ways we deal with them fascinate Dave. In Tituba he weaves a historical/fantasy novel with real-life characters to focus on our common human nature, the abuse of power, and injustice. The real-life Tituba was a tragic figure. An enslaved African, Tituba and her owner, Rev. Parris, are the key voices. But others play a role, too, including the children of Salem village. Overall, Tituba is a provocative retelling of motivations during the 1692 witch hunt madness with an added touch of magic.


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