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The Gift of Gentleness

Gentle Kitten

“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.” —Han Suyin

When is being gentle a strength and when, if ever, is it a weakness. Hosts Brigitte Jia and Katie Choo tackle this big question with reporters Joven and Henna Hundal. We hear the chapter, The Gift of Gentleness, by Dallas Woodburn from the forthcoming book, Be the Star You Are!® Millennials to Boomers read by Brigitte and Katie who recall coaches who were critical and hurtful. Many times the tiny voice in our heads is cruel to ourselves. In World Watch, Joven focuses on the negativity we encounter daily from news sources and encourages us to subscribe to positive, truthful journalism. Henna recounts her volunteer work at a Children’s Hospital where it is critical to treat infants with tender care. We all need to embrace gentleness, compassion, and understanding while offering words of encouragement and support to others. And of course, give yourself the same courtesy and love.


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