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Family Forever, the 2nd children's picture book in Stella Bella's Barnyard Series

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Cynthia Brian is thrilled to announce the publication of her 2nd book in Stella Bella's Barnyard Series. FAMILY FOREVER! Receive an autographed, beautifully illustrated book about family-birth, adopted, or chosen with monies benefitting the literacy charity, Be the Star You Are!®

Family Forever is the true story of how a tiny, unidentifiable creature became part of the adopted family in Stella Bella’s barnyard. Neither Stella Bella nor any of the animals know what this squeaking baby is until a chihuahua identifies it as a squirrel and becomes his guide and best friend. The goats teach the squirrel to climb, the pigs offer piggyback rides, and the bunnies bounce with him. He feels safe and warm in Stella Bella’s pocket until one day he meets another squirrel and leaves his adopted home with her. The animals remind him that a chosen family is forever. He will always be loved and welcomed home.


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