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Zoo Time, Addiction and Affluence, Encore Careers

Cynthia Brian talks about the flora and fauna at the zoo, how to transplant, substance abuse with the wealthy, and careers after retirement on StarStyle® Radio, Live 4pm PT

When is the last time you visited a zoo? Walking the many paths of both zoos is a great way to engage in healthy exercise while fully immersing yourself in the sounds and sights of global nature. Children are mesmerized by the beautiful beasts and enjoy many hands-on exploratory endeavors that contribute to their knowledge of the inhabitants of this earth. The atmosphere is happy and familial. It is all happening at the zoo.

In the past, experts thought that addiction was an affliction of the poor. In recent years, scientific understanding has grown and the evidence concurs that it is the wealthy that are more at risk for substance abuse. What can families do and what resources are available to help.

What do you do after you retire? Sit in a rocking chair, travel the world, play golf, or maybe take up a new career? Staying active and curious may be the best bet!


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