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What Teens Want!

s Want!

If you want to know what teens want, tune in to Express Yourself!™ with hosts Julia and Keerthi as they navigate adolescent behavior, high school, and media portrayals. Julia kicks off the show with her Passion in Action segment giving tips on how teens make social initiatives happen. From brainstorming to building a team, Julia offers concrete suggestions on generating ideas. In segment two, Keerthi states that teens want a bit of everything- the freedom to spread their wings, the canvas to paint their identity, the digital playground to showcase their uniqueness, an emotional safety net to cushion their fall, plus she encourages parents to be their guideposts. In our final segment Julia and Keerthi talk about the skewed portrayal of teens in movies and TV and how they would like to witness realistic characters. They agree that every teen is different with an individual personality, unique interests, and goals in life. Teens are complicated, smart, fascinating individuals who will determine the fate of the world! Stay tuned!

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