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Gun Violence in America

The violence involving deadly weapons such as firearms has become a more significant issue by the day in our world, and we continuously live in a world of fear that it can happen to us at any time. Hosts Sharanya and Hannah along with reporter, Nihal, discuss the severe problem of gun violence in America. In 2020, firearm-related deaths reached 45,222, an average of 124 per day. The number of mass shootings has risen exponentially since 2013, more than 303 since the beginning of 2023. Unregulated ghost guns and military style assault weapons are on the rise. Gun control is a pressing issue that demands attention in our society. In light of increasing gun violence incidents, it is crucial to explore ways to enforce stricter gun control measures. Sharanya penned a poem to end gun violence. The final two stanzas:

“Let this poem resound, a call to unite,

To end the senseless violence, to make things right.

For in our shared humanity, we find the key,

To heal the wounds of gun violence, and set hearts free.

May this verse be a plea, a beacon of hope,

That gun violence diminishes, like a darkened slope.

With compassion as our weapon, let us unite,

And in our unity, we'll conquer the night.”

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