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Feng Shui with Master Denise Liotta Dennis and Gratitude

Would you like to enjoy exceptional romance, relationships, wealth, abundance, and happiness while keeping away tragedies? Learning about the science of Classical Feng Shui could be your golden ticket to prosperity and passion. Author and Feng Shui Master Denise Liotta Dennis sheds light on this ancient wisdom of harnessing the power of energy. Denise discusses her newest book, Hollywood’s Fatal Feng Shui, An In-Depth Examination of 10 Celebrity Homes with a Tragic History, which illustrates how when basic tenets of Feng Shui are violated disaster and death are manifested.

Cynthia Brian cultivates gratitude while encouraging us to appreciate the small wonders of living, especially the miracles of nature. When we face the day with gratitude, science indicates that we’ll be happier and healthier!

BIO:Denise A. Liotta-Dennis

Feng Shui Master, International Author, Teacher, and Speaker

She’s known as the “fast-talkin’ Texan”—an interesting and delightful oxymoron—Denise A. Liotta-Dennis is the founder and president of Dragon-Gate Feng Shui (DGFS), LLC an international consulting and development firm, specializing in authentic Feng Shui site selection, planning, design, audits, and assessments for commercial and residential real estate and construction projects. In 2006, Denise founded The American College of Classical Feng Shui, the training arm of Dragon-Gate, a premier platform to learn Classical Feng Shui. Denise has studied with four noted Feng Shui Masters from China, Malaysia and Australia

Denise has six in-depth books on Classical Feng Shui addressing the most popular systems of Eight Mansions and Flying Stars.The books are sold in fine book stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Denise has more than twenty-five years experience working in interior design, including residential and commercial projects.


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Passion, Purpose, & Possibility Producer

Empowerment Architect
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